Scouring Agents


Ⅰ. Ingredients

Compound surfactant formulation

Ⅱ. Specification

Appearance: clear, light yellow liquid
Ionicity: non-ionic, anionic
pH: 7-8
Cloud point: ≥100C

Ⅲ. Characteristics

1. High resistance to heat, acid and alkali.
2. Very low surface tension. Excellent moisturizing and penetrating ability.
3. Excellent Ca/Mg/Si sequestering property.
4. Excellent dispersing and emulsifying property. Can be used in combination with hydrogen peroxide.
5. Phosphorus free, highly biodegradable.

Ⅳ. Use

in scouring, desizing, deoiling, bleaching: 2~5g/L
in post-dyeing(printing) soaping and washing: 1~2g/L

Note: Adjust pH to between 10 and 20,if needed.