Permeationproof Thickener


Ⅰ. Ingredients

Methacrylic polymer

Ⅱ. Specification

  Typical measured value Method
Appearance white, opalescent emulsion Visual observation
Total solid, % 302 GB2793-81
Viscosity mpas (3#/30rpm) >50 GB2956-82
pH 2-4 GB2956-82
pH range 7-11  

* Further specs customizable upon request.

Ⅲ. Characteristics

Excellent thickening effect, self-levelling, mildew resistant.

Ⅳ. Use

in construction, textile and leather coating, static flocking, printing ink, etc.

Ⅴ. Instruction on use

Udner adequate agitation, add BS-803 portionwise into substrate until the desired viscosity is achieved. Then add ammonia for pH adjustment. The resulted preparation is preferred to be consumed on day of use.